What Sets Our Toys Apart?

Hankey’s Toys are handmade from only the finest materials, using molds we craft ourselves in order to meet our exacting specifications. We work hard to give each of our toys that perfect level of firmness to create believability, while also making our toys comfortable and pleasurable to use.

The Finest Materials

We hand craft all of our toys from the world's finest 100% platinum silicones.  We are known for using ultra-high performance-grade silicone in our product, tested with ISO 10993-10 standards  for irritation and skin sensitization. We take our toys very seriously. All platinum silicone toys are odor free, 100% skin safe, and they will not shrink over time or melt when placed in contact with other toys. Hankey's Toys are meant to provide a lifetime of fun!


Handcrafted For Your Pleasure

Each of our toys is made to order, and made to the measurements you choose. We use custom molds that we make in house, many of them casts of famous members whose owners have been kind enough to let us make a cast of them! Browse through our realistic dildo designs inspired by impressive anatomy today.


Perfectly Firm 

After lots of testing we have come up with two perfect levels of firmness for our toys; our "Medium Firm" and our "75% Soft" levels. Our Medium Firm level of firmness is firm but not too firm, more like a fully erect penis.  Our 75% Soft level is softer and more giving. This level of firmness is more like a penis that is 75-80% hard; still a bit soft yet fully functional and, according to our customers, a bit more "lifelike" feeling. 


Designed for Maximum Intensity

From the texture, firmness, length and width, Mr. Hankey's toys are designed to please.  Mr. Hankey takes a lot of time and effort to develop each toy, each of our toys are unique and meant to satisfy. 

Compatible With Many Attachments, Strap-ons, and Sex Machines

If you purchase the attachment hole at checkout, you will be able to use our products with many attachments on the market. Simply purchase this option at checkout and you will be able to use your toy with your strap-on or sex machine. Because of the weight of our toys, we recommend using a strap-on system that uses both a barb-style system with rings that are used to secure toys in place. We recommend sex machines from Orgasm Alley.

Fast Shipping and Best Customer Service

At Hankey’s Toys, we understand the importance of exceptional customer service. We try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, and usually manage to reply far more promptly. We invite you to reach out to us here.​

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You can only find Mr. Hankey at the selected locations listed on our contact page. 


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