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The Rentman dildo is dedicated to all of our fans who love dick! We created this monster dildo from the mold of a real penis—one of our most eye-pleasing molds to date. Every wrinkle, vein, and fold will trigger every pleasure-feeling nerve ending in your hole. All sizes maintain the texture of the original lifecasting so you will feel every detail of this intricate penis mold, a mold created from a mysterious, very well-endowed donor who offered to donate his glorious member for all the world to enjoy. We have taken this actual lifecasting, using our secret Hankey Super-Duper-Duplication Method, and upsized it into three larger versions to accommodate even the most size hungry fans. And it’s one of the best toys from our realistic dildo line.

Size and Specifications

This sex toy is available in a non-functional Packer-Soft, Med Firm, and 75% Soft; and the smallest size starts at a whopping 9.50 inches in length and 5.75 in girth. The details on this toy are absolutely stunning. If you are looking for realism and size, this will be your new favorite dildo!

To request the Rentman in Packer-Soft, you must email us a custom order. When ordering the Packer-Soft firmness, please specify if you would like approximately 1/4" of the base below the balls removed in order to remove the website address located at the bottom of the toy.

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At Hankey’s Toys, we offer fast 2-3 day shipping so you spend more time stimulating and less time waiting around your mailbox. And don’t forget to use your 25% birthday discount, good within seven days after your actual birthday. For details on promos and other offers, click here. If you have any questions, contact us. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive discounts and to be the first to know about new, exciting products.

A special thanks to K.V. and the Rentman for helping to put this one together—your toys will be waiting for you when you get out!

A NOTE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Customers are responsible for paying all duties and taxes for their respective countries



Circumference near head (rim): 5.75"

Circumference near middle: 6.12"

Circumference near balls: 6.12"

Overall length: 9.50"

Insertable length: 7.50"

Texture: Realistic skin/vein texture

Strapon Ring Size: 2.50"


Circumference near head (rim): 7.00"

Circumference near middle: 7.50"

Circumference near balls: 7.50"

Overall length: 11.00"

Insertable length: 9.00"

Texture: Realistic skin/vein texture

Strapon Ring Size: 2.50"


Circumference near head (rim): 9.00"

Circumference near middle: 9.25"

Circumference near balls: 9.25"

Overall length: 13.25"

Insertable length: 11.00"

Realistic skin/vein texture

Strapon Ring Size: 3.00"


Circumference near head: 10.00"

Circumference near middle: 11.00"

Circumference near balls: 11.00"

Overall length: 15.25"

Insertable length: 12.50"

Realistic skin/vein texture

Strapon Ring Size: NA

Return Policy

Due to the nature of our products, there are no returns on orders unless defective. Please pay attention to the dimensions carefully and don't let your eyes get greedier than your hole! Contact me if you have any questions prior to placing your order.

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