Size matters, and no sexual organ could ever outsize the imagination. Fantasy is a central part of everybody’s sex life, but nothing drives fantasy quite like holding something solid in your hand. Mr. Hankey’s line of realistic dildos ranges from small to XXX large, bringing even the most adventurous of size queen fantasies to life. Our sizes range from the impressive to the outright colossal, each of them with details you would find on the real thing. Some of our realistic dildos are even sculpted from molds of famous porn stars. If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be with Ray Diesel, here’s your chance.

Doing What Your Boyfriend Can’t

Do you like it thick? Do you like it long? Looking for the best of both worlds? The best thing about our award-winning large realistic dildo range is the variety of size and shape on offer. These dildos come in exquisitely lifelike shapes, but their proportions go deep into the realm of fantasy. Some of our most popular dildos come in as many as five sizes. Test the waters with smaller sizes, or dive into the deep end with larger versions.

Doing It With Love and Care

We make only the finest lifelike dildos and accessories here at Hankey’s Toys. All of our molds are unique sculpts. We make our dildos out of Platinum Silicone that guarantees them a longevity and realistic feel unparalleled by run-of-the-mill toys you’d find in a shop, not to mention being softer on the skin.

Browse our large realistic dildo collection today; we’re sure at least one of them will jump off the page for you. If you’ve yearned for a dildo that gets just that much closer to the real thing, and fulfills all of your most sordid fantasies, Hankey’s Toys has what you need, and then some.

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