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Do Some Deep Ass Diving

Behold the Taintacle, a tentacle dildo for anal sex that will change the way you think of life under the sea—and the way you walk. Designed to dive deeply into your unexplored depths, our high-quality hentai-style tentacle dildo is available in three sizes. You can make like Goldilocks and figure out which size feels just right.

Open Wide for the Octopoda

The Taintacle tentacle dildo is made for anal, right down to its shapely S-curve design. Let it stimulate your P-spot as it fills you up past the hilt and tries to bury deeper. It boasts a bulbous knot that's meant to stretch you wide open and pleasure you until your toes curl.

Forget about Jaws. Our hentai-like tentacle dildo is the true master of the deep. You'll ignore every warning to stay away from the water. The Taintacle waits patiently to take you by surprise. Its probing tip will tickle your deepest desires, priming you for a gooey orgasm that leaves you gasping and gaping. Take your collection of fantasy sex toys up a notch with this one.

Choose a color that appeals to you, be it metallic green or a shade of tan. Decide whether you want a soft penetration or maximum firmness. Play the size queen with an XXL dildo or start slow with our smallest option.

Discover the pleasure of the Taintacle. Experiment using a tentacle dildo for anal sex, and you'll never look back. That's a Mister Hankey promise.

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Circumference near head: 2.00"
Circumference near middle: 6.00"
Circumference near base: 7.00"
Overall length: 9.00"
Insertable length: 8.00"
Texture: Smooth w/raised suckers
Strapon Ring Size: NA

Circumference near head: 3.50"
Circumference near middle: 9.00"
Circumference near base: 10.25"
Overall length: 13.00"
Insertable length: 12.00"
Texture: Smooth w/raised suckers
Strapon Ring Size: 3.0"

Circumference near head: 4.00"
Circumference near middle: 10.50"
Circumference near base: 12.25"
Overall length: 15.00"
Insertable length: 14.00"
Texture: Smooth w/raised suckers
Strapon Ring Size: NA

Return Policy

Due to the nature of our products, there are no returns on orders unless defective. Please pay attention to the dimensions carefully and don't let your eyes get greedier than your hole! Contact Hankey’s Toys if you have any questions prior to placing your order.

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