Hankey's Guide to Custom Size Dildos

A custom size dildo is a joy to behold—and to play with, frankly. Finding a sex toy that conforms to the desires and needs of your body can send your orgasms into the stratosphere. There's nothing like pleasuring yourself with a dildo that's made just for you. Not only is the size an essential factor, but you also have to consider the firmness, materials, and thickness when you choose a new sex toy. They all have a role to play in tickling your itch. Mister Hankey's Toys has a handy-dandy guide to help you in your selection of a custom dildo.

Size Matters

Everybody likes to say that size doesn't matter, but our custom size dildos prove otherwise. Size does matter, but not in the way you might think. You see, size is also a matter of personal preference. What's your taste?

Consider yourself Goldilocks as you go about buying a dildo to use by yourself or with your partner. You need a sex toy that's just the right size. Custom sizes are essential for that. At Mister Hankey's Toys, for example, we offer most of our toys in a range of sizes to accommodate what our customers enjoy. There's nothing worse than finding a dildo with a design you love, only to discover that it's only available in extra-mega-large.

In contrast, we offer small, medium, large, and extra-large sex toys. You can even find XXL and XXXL versions of some of our dildos. Talk about putting the XXX back in your sex life! For people who prefer something smaller still, you can also find extra small toys.

Size variation is crucial when you choose a sex toy. If you're a novice, for example, then you need something small to help your body get accommodated to the new sensations. Depending on what gets you off, however, a long, thick dildo might be the better option.

A Realistic Sensation

You wouldn't believe the attention to detail that goes into creating a custom sex toy. We make our toys to order, using customized molds for each size. That allows us to pay attention to everything, from the materials we use to the designs of the dildos themselves. Just as you receive a size that will tickle your fancy, you'll also get a dildo that feels like the real thing from the girth and heft to the ridges and veins. Even our fantasy dildos feel realistic to the touch.

Carefully Crafted

The way a custom size dildo is crafted makes all the difference. By handcrafting our sex toys, we can personalize every aspect of your order. Let us know your desired measurements, and we'll make a dildo that's the perfect size for you. Are you eager to get it in with a replica of your favorite porn star? We have you covered there, too—many of our dildos are made using true-to-life molds of the most notorious names in the sex industry.

Materials that Maximize Pleasure

Pay attention to material when you choose a new dildo. It's just as important as the ability to customize the length to get what you want. However, a long dildo made of hard rubber or metal will feel both longer and thicker than a dildo made of something more malleable and pliable.

Your body might crave a lengthy prick, but if you've only ever experimented with an unyielding material, then it probably hasn't been very pleasurable. For large sex toys, silicone is the best option. Specifically, you want something that gives a bit. It's even better if you can customize both the size of your dildo and the firmness.

The Firmness Question

Let's focus on the firmness factor for a second. In general, larger dildos shouldn't be floppy and soft, exactly, but they should be a bit pliable. That gives your body the opportunity to open up to their girth and length. Smaller custom size dildos can afford to be a bit firmer. They don't plunge in as far or stretch you as wide. The pleasure they give tends to be more concentrated on the clit, G-spot, or prostate.

Discover why our custom size dildos are the talk of the town. It's past time to inject your sex life with some fresh excitement. Find a dildo that's tailor-made for your body and what it craves at Mister Hankey's Toys.

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