Mr. Hankey’s Extreme Sex Toys

Let’s face it: sometimes even the real thing needs a little help. Fantasy is a huge part of everybody’s sex life, and sometimes a prop, like a toy, can go a long way in making that fantasy feel more real. For some this means a handy (and hand-filling) companion in a nightstand drawer. For many others, toys are just one part of how they have fun with a partner.

Hankey’s Toys proudly handcrafts the best silicone dildos on the internet. From painstakingly-molded realistic toys, to toys drawn completely from the realm of fantasy, Hankey’s Toys has it all. We also provide accessories for helping you make the most out of your purchases, such as harnesses and harness rings. Last but not least, we offer a range of customization on our toys, to truly make it your own.

The Big Ticket

Made with premium-quality silicone, and sculpted using molds made in-house by our talented design team, we work to provide our customers the best silicone dildos money can buy.

Our extreme sex toys are safe to use with all quality lubes, and will not melt when exposed to silicone lubes. The fine-molded silicone is soft to the touch, yet extensively durable, able to withstand extensive use, and can even withstand heat and cold to larger degrees than generic sex toys.

Whether you’re after a convincingly real (and sufficiently huge) friend for the bedroom, or looking to explore something distinctly more otherworldly, the makes of the best silicone dildos online are here to help!

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