Mister HankeysDecember 03. 2019

Introducing Your Partner to New Sex Toys

Introducing sex toys into a relationship seems to have steadily increased over recent years. This suggests that the stigmas surrounding dildos, vibrators, and sex accessories are finally dissolving. It appears that more couples are reaching for an intimate type of technology to enhance their physical pleasure and, undoubtedly, augment their sexual enjoyment.


Whether you have a personal pleasure collection – and know how to use it – or are brand new to the idea, when it comes to introducing sex toys to your significant other it may take some finessing. There are a few things to keep in mind when adding extra accoutrements in the boudoir.

Intimate couple standing in street kissing

Timing Is Everything

Common sense will tell you that bringing up the use of adult toys on the first few dates is probably a bit too soon. Instead, try waiting until after you have had a few stimulating sex sessions together. This allows you to develop a better level of trust and communication both inside and outside of the bedroom.


Don’t Be Pushy!

After easing into the conversation gently, if your other half still isn't keen on the idea of introducing sex toys into the relationship, don’t push it. It is pivotal that both parties be comfortable with the idea, or the introduction will not be a success. Put the subject on the back burner and, instead, focus more on experimenting with other things in the bedroom. The use of erotic massage oil or giving each other intimate rubdowns in sensitive places is always fun. You can always try introducing sexy, enticing outfits for some erotic, sensual, fantasy role-play. As your partner becomes more familiar and comfortable with different sensations and pleasurable acts, they may warm up to the idea of introducing sex toys after all.


Fear Of The Unknown

Your partner may initially be skeptical about sex toys simply because they are unfamiliar with them. Before introducing the topic to your sex life, do some research on a particular sex toy you want to use. Having a good level of knowledge and understanding of a particularly fun adult toy will help put your other half’s mind at ease if they have any doubts. This can also help narrow down the wide variety available, to the ones best suited for both of you.


Make It A Couples Thing

When introducing sex toys, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Make sure to include your significant other when online shopping for that perfect adult toy. This is a great opportunity for you and your partner to connect and discuss certain sex toy attributes you may, or may not, like.


Online browsing in the comfort of your own home can make it easier to talk more openly about what each of you may like to try and what kind of kink you both feel like playing with. Looking at different sex toys together can be a real turn-on, especially when discussing how they are to be used on one another.


Tactful Communication Is A Must

Make sure to convey to your partner why you are introducing sex toys into your sex life. Reassure your partner that a new sex toy is no substitute for the intimacy that you feel together; focus on what you already love about your sex sessions. Remind them that adding a toy will only heighten the intimacy that you already share in bed.


When you start turning up the volume on your sexual play, make sure to give your partner lots of praise when they hit those pleasure spots. By ensuring confidence in sexual satisfaction, the suggestion of a “new addition” in the bedroom will be better accepted.


Make It A Win-Win For Both Parties

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