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Realistic vs. fantasy dildos, which one is for you?

The world of sex toys is usually divided into realistic and sexual fantasy toys. Of course, there are more sub-categories. But, usually, people search for one or the other. The great thing about Hankeys Toys is that you get the best of both worlds. This store is filled with some of the most realistic dildos you’ll ever see and the most fantasy ones. So, which ones do you prefer?

If you don’t have an answer to that question, don’t fret! There is a simple method to get the bottom of this. Each model has its own charms. So it all really depends on your naughty preferences. Though regardless of the type, shape, and size you are itching for, Mr Hanky Toys has all the best high-quality models of dildos you could possibly ask for.

Even if this is your first time browsing the website, it has a clean design and easy browsing options. All the options you might need are at the top of the website. These will lead you to a collection of realistic dildos, accessories, and fantasy dildo options. Still not sure which ones to pick? Here is a simple guide to help you!

Different shapes!Hankey's Toys - Different Shapes

As we already know, dildos come in various shapes and sizes. That is true for all kinds of designs, whether they are realistic or not. So, how much do you value the authentic design of realistic dildos over fantasy ones? If you are searching for realistic sex toys, you can find some of the best models on Mr Hankeys. That said, you will also find a lot of sexual fantasy toys. The main difference between the two is the shape.

The shape of realistic dildos

Those who prefer a penis-shaped realistic sex toy should definitely check out the realistic dildo section. It does not get more realistic than skin-colored, ribbed, and textured penis-shaped toys. However, just because all the realistic toys are designed to look like real penises does not mean that they are boring.

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Let’s not forget that there are many different shapes and sizes of penises. Thus, our realistic dildos are the same. Many of them are curved differently. Some are curved upward; others are pointing down. Some shapes are shorter but more girthy, and others that are longer and less girthy.

We also provide realistic designs of double dildos. If you prefer hardcore pleasures and realistic designs, don’t fret. Mr Hankyes provides you with double dildos, as well. These toys are all available in different sizes and colors. So, you could make them seem unnatural if you really wanted to.

That said, we also provide other realistic shapes. For example, for lovers of fingering, you could check out the Midass Touch. This toy resembles a finger, and it comes in various sizes for your enjoyment. If that’s not enough, you could consider the handyman butt plug. This plug is shaped like a hand and is perfect for butt play.

On the other hand, if you love ultra-hardcore pleasures, then you should check out the Gut Puncher. The name of this realistic sex toy says it all. It is shaped as a fist and designed for all the lovers of the fisting fetish. Of course, most of the hardcore dildos are mainly designed for pros.

The shape of fantasy dildos

Compared to realistic sex toys, the shape of sexual fantasy toys is incredibly random. That is quite literally the whole point of providing horny individuals with fantasy sex toys. Whatever could be seen as a dildo is created into one. One of the best examples is the Unicorn Dildo. This is the head of a horse with its horn designed to be a dildo.

If you’ve ever had a naughty fantasy only a hentai dildo could satisfy, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Although realistic toys are a great choice, they are not for everyone. Fantasy sex toys provide you with more variety and interesting shapes. Of course, the fantasy toys also come in many different sizes and colors.

One of the most popular shapes is the Tentacle dildo. This sex toy is designed to look like an actual tentacle, hence the name. It is also curved like one and has textured suction cups, just like a real tentacle would. If you have an alien fantasy, you could consider something like a Kinky Cobra dildo. This one could definitely pass as one of the alien dildoes.

Those who prefer more hardcore sensations should definitely use monster dildos, like the Atlas design. This one is massive and perfect for pros. You could also opt for the Three Amigos, which is a rather self-explanatory name. Why have one dildo when you can have three instead?

Live out your kinky or realistic fantasies

Hankey's Toys - Live Out Your Kinky or Realistic Fantasies

People often like to judge, but a fantasy is a fantasy. Just because somebody has a dream of something rather basic does not make it less thrilling. So, if you have a realistic fantasy you have always wanted to play out; you can find your perfect selection of dildos at Mr Hankey Toys.

Because of our wide selection of realistic sex toys, you will surely find one that resembles somebody you’ve seen in porn. Maybe you’ve had a one-night stand you can’t forget. Well, you can relive the experience by purchasing a dildo that closely resembles the real deal. This is why we have so many to choose from. Thus, regardless of your preferences, you’ll find whatever you are searching for.

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However, one cannot deny that when you delve into the world of fantasy lovemaking, there are a lot more opportunities to explore. We provide a lot of fantasy and sci-fi dildos. All of them could potentially help you make your naughtiest hentai fantasies come to life. We all know that the fantasy of having sex with a monster cannot be completely fulfilled if the tool you are using looks too realistic, right?

Well, that is why there are various amazing Hankey Toys for you to explore. So, what is your fantasy? If you do want to have a fun experience with an imaginary monster, we have a lot of monster dildos for you to consider. If you are more into sci-fi, the Sex Machine dildo is the perfect option. It looks like a robotic penis!

If you dream about rather odd things and you’ve always been intrigued by the shape of horse dildos, we can give you something even better. Our horse dildo is incredibly popular. But we also offer Centaur dildos. Of course, this one is definitely not for beginners. The smaller option is quite big. But if you like a challenge, that is definitely for you.

Another great example would be Venomous Tongue. To all the lovers of Venom, you can’t deny that you’ve always dreamed about this: Venom by our side, with its curvy and textured tongue at our disposal. Well, we provide you with more than just that. As you can see, your fantasies can all easily be fulfilled with the right fantasy dildo!

Which one should you choose?

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Whichs One Should You Choose?

This all comes down to everyone’s personal naughty preferences. If you don't have an answer, you could simply consider your masturbation fantasies. What do you think about when you masturbate? If you imagine realistic scenarios, then realistic sex toys are the perfect choice. If your fantasies are more hentai-like, then you might want to consider some sexual fantasy toys. Whatever the case might be, you can find all your naughty needs fulfilled at Mr Hankey Toys.