Mister HankeysMay 31. 2024

The Never-Ending Charm Of Fantasy Dildos

Sex toys have always had a knack for fantasy. Why wouldn’t they? Certain odd shapes are just way more pleasurable than your conventional penis-shaped dildos. Of course, this is different for everyone. While some of us love our ultra realistic sex toys, others prefer to play with tentacles, fists, unicorns, and more.

What exactly are you itching for? If you are searching for new ways to experience divine pleasures, you should most certainly check out Mr Hankeys. This is an online sex shop filled with only the highest quality toys, ranging anywhere from basic to sexual fantasy toys. Thus, regardless of your naughty preferences, you’ll find all your desires fulfilled at Mr Hanky Toys store.

Of course, one can’t deny that fantasy dildos are definitely the most alluring. What kind of fantasies can they fulfill? Well, it depends on the type of fantasies you have. If you are interested in getting your first fantasy dildo, here is a simple guide of the best fantasy toy options to consider.

Horse dildo

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Horse Dildos

If you are intrigued by massive dildos, you should definitely consider the horse dildo model. This model comes in various sizes, ranging from small to 4XL, so it will definitely suit everyone’s dirty needs. It is also available in different colors. Because of its shape and size, this toy is mainly suitable for more experienced riders.

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That said, if you prefer massive sizes, you are more than welcome to check out this giant dildo. But you should know that the shape and size are quite different from whatever you’ve seen before. So, if you are searching for something out of the ordinary, that’s still not too odd, this is a great beginning.

Xtra - small dildo series

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Xtra Small Series

Of course, Hankey Toys understands that not everyone loves to go to the extreme. Some people prefer passionate penetration with rather small penis-shaped toys. If that is what you prefer as well, check out Xtra’s small dildo series. You are provided with various shapes, textures, and rips, and you can adjust firmness, colors, and size, as well!

Hentai dildo

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Hentai Dildo

Would you like to go with the classic? We have all heard about hentai dildos. These might have been some of the first fantasy dildos to ever be sold on the market. So, what is so great about a hentai dildo? Well, our hentai dildos come in various sizes, and they are ribbed in just the right places. They are perfect for all tentacle lovers! The biggest option is only meant for the absolute pros!

Venomous tongue

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Venomous Tongue

If you’ve ever watched Venom and thought he’d make a great lover, then this series of monster dildos is perfect for you. The Venomous tongue toy is quite long. It comes in four different sizes, ranging from basic dildo length to super long. The tongue is curved and ribbed accordingly, so it will surely satisfy your insides. Keep in mind, the medium option is probably suitable for most giant dildo lovers! Of course, you are free to go to the extreme if you want.

Alien breeder dildo

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Alien Breeder

Have you ever had an alien fantasy? Then you must be searching for alien dildoes! This specific model is a great option for everyone. On one side, it is absolutely smooth and slippery, while on the other, it is incredibly detailed. It provides many ridges and also comes in four sizes. Because of its unique design, you could safely keep it on the shelf as an accessory, and nobody will know that it’s a sex toy!

Handyman butt plug

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Handyman Butt Plug

As the name suggests, this is a butt plug. It is shaped like a hand, and it is definitely not for everyone. If you are somebody who enjoys the act of fisting, then you’ll definitely want to look into this toy design. What better way to enjoy the fisting sensation than to get a toy that is actually shaped like a fist?

Dragon dildos

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Dragon Dildos

Did you know that dragon dildos have existed for quite some time now? On Hankeys Toys, we provide you with three amazing dragon dildo models. Each one has a different shape and provides you with the standard four sizes that most of the other toys offer. So, it all really comes down to the shape you’d enjoy the most.

Dog dildo

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Dog Dildo

Since we’ve mentioned the horse dildo, how could we forget the dog dildo? This one has a very peculiar shape. It has a slim top with a wide middle part and a flaring base. It is perfect for anyone who enjoys a night little surprise during their naughty sessions. So, to everyone who is intrigued by the shape of the dog dildo, you are more than welcome to enjoy it yourself!

Order a mystery box instead!

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Mystery Box

Not sure what you should order? How about a mystery box? These boxes are perfect for beginners or those who are just unsure of what to pick. Our store is filled with so many high-quality toys that the choices could be overwhelming. So, if you do not have the time or patience to browse through our amazing selection of fantasy dildos, you can opt for a mystery box instead.

So, which tier should you select?

  • Tier 1 is perfect for newbies who want a delicate taste. You’ll get around 4 toys per mystery box, and the sizes are usually XS.
  • If you have a bit more experience, Tier 2 is the right choice. Here, you get 3-4 toys per box, and the sizes can vary from medium to XL.
  • Tier 3 is for all the hardcore lovers. Here you get three mystery toys, and they will usually vary from large to 2XL.
  • As for those who love to go to the extreme, there’s nothing quite like the Tier 4 mystery box. It provides you with two amazing toys, ranging from 2XL to 4XL.

Are fantasy dildos for you?

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Are Fantasy Dildos for You?

If you are still unsure whether these fantasy dildos are a good choice for you, don’t fret. Most of our products will have YouTube video reviews. This way, you can see exactly what you will get. Of course, if the fantasy dildos are a bit too extreme for you, you can always check out the other side of Hankeys Toys. Let’s not forget that our store provides you with the most realistic sex toy collection you’ll ever see.

On the other hand, you could also consider more basic fantasy options to get you started. For example, the Scorpion Sex Grinder is a great option. This simple grinding toy is shaped so you can easily use all its edges. There are also unicorn dildos with a very basic horn shape and many others. You could even consider the Corn dildo if you prefer a very girthy experience.

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Since you are already here, don’t forget to check out all the accessories. For example, the Remove-o-Balls is a simple accessory that can add balls to any dildo. We provide different types of lubrication, as well. You can also separately purchase the heavy-duty suction cups. For those who wish to wear any of these fantasy dildos, you could consider leather harnesses!


Fantasy dildos are designed to be fun and thrilling. Because of their shape and size, they can provide you with a sensation you’ve never experienced before. If this is your first time purchasing a fantasy dildo, it is always better to start off small. But if you are already experienced, you are more than welcome to check out some of our giant dildo options!